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Advanced Font Viewer


Advanced Font Viewer is a comprehensive application, which is ideal for viewing, printing and managing your fonts.  A full-featured font viewer quickly generates a high-quality display of your fonts.


With AFV you will be able to:


The simple user interface is designed to guarantee quick access to the tools. There are many customization features as well. Many options can be customized to suit your preferences. AFV continues to be a fast and easy-to-use font viewer software that everyone, no matter a novice or a professional, can use and enjoy.

Free lifetime upgrades.


Digital Photo Organizer


Digital Photo Organizer screenshot - Photo manager

How to organize photo files?


Use Digital Photo Organizer and your pictures will be perfectly sorted and ready for easy access at any time. The user-friendly interface of the program ensures quick results and safe photo processing.

  • automatic photo sorter

  • batch photo renamer

  • single photo renamer

  • filter by size for cropper, resizer and protector

  • photo cropper

  • photo resizer

  • watermark protector

  • duplicate finder

  • folder merger

  • file name replacer

  • file extension manager

Free lifetime upgrades.


Font Manager


Font Manager screenshot

It's small brother of AFV.


The program is based on the source code of Advanced Font Viewer 3.5, which has been tested and developed for years. Extended features and the price of $39 made AFV unavailable for some users that do not have much money for buying software. Besides, the program became less attractive for people who do not work with fonts often and thoroughly. So, the price of the program was reduced by 35% with all main features necessary for everyday activities left in the program. Font Manager costs only $25!

Free lifetime upgrades.





6 January 2010

Digital Photo Organizer 1.7 is released.

Folder Merger is added.
You can merge the files located in subfolders into one folder with the sequentially numbering.

2 January 2010

Digital Photo Organizer 1.6 is released.

Photo Cropper & Filter for Cropper, Resizer and Protector is added.
You can crop different quantity of pixels from each side of a photo.

22 December 2009

Digital Photo Organizer 1.5 is released.

Photo resizer & Watermark protector is added.
Resize and protect your photo image files for photo-blog, email attachments, web pages, photo-sharing web sites, online photo-printing services, slide show, office documents.

18 December 2009

New press-release is published.

Ho ho ho! New Freeware For Those Who Have Been Nice This Year!

15 December 2009

Digital Photo Organizer 1.4 is released.

Duplicates Finder is added.
Easy way to find and remove duplicates of photos.

13 December 2009

Perfect Screen Ruler 3.0 is released.

Now Perfect Screen Ruler is a freeware.

13 December 2009

Delayed Shutdown 3.0 is released.

Now Delayed Shutdown is a freeware.

12 December 2009

Duplicate File Hunter 3.0 is released.

Now Duplicate File Hunter is a freeware.

11 December 2009

Digital Photo Organizer 1.3 is released.

File name replacer is added.
You can replace characters in the file names with other characters.

09 December 2009

Digital Photo Organizer 1.2 is released.

Extensions manager is added.
You can change extensions case of all files in the any directory.

05 December 2009

Digital Photo Organizer 1.1 is released.

Video can be sorted by file creation date or by file modification date.

02 December 2009

New press-release is published.

Make Christmas merry for your readers.

22 November 2009

Digital Photo Organizer 1.0 is released.

Best way to organize photos.

22 May 2009

Duplicate File Hunter 2.2 is released.

Small changes.

19 May 2009

Free Font Renamer 2.1 is released.

A small bug fixed.

10 November 2008

Perfect Screen Ruler 2.0 is released.

The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.
A color picker is added.

21 October 2008

Advanced Font Viewer 5.1 is released.

Added support for the Brazilian Portuguese language.

26 September 2008

Advanced Font Viewer site has been created.

It is a new multilingual program description variant.

21 August 2008

Advanced Font Viewer 5.0 is released.

The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.
Added support for the German language.

16 July 2008

Duplicate File Hunter 2.1 is released.

A lot of minor improvements after active feedback from users of the site GAOTD.

22 May 2008

Duplicate File Hunter 2.0 is released.

The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.

21 April 2008

Free Font Renamer 2.0 is released.

The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.

10 April 2008

Free&Easy Font Viewer 2.0 is released.

The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.

25 March 2008

Delayed Shutdown 2.0 is released.

The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.
Options dialog redesigned for better usability.

7 November 2007

Duplicate File Hunter 1.4 is released.

The process of deleting file duplicates by new or careless users is now safer.
If the program detects duplicate groups where all files are selected before deleting files, the deletion process will be cancelled and the user will be offered to clear the selection from any file in the group. This measure will not allow users to accidentally delete all duplicate files.

31 October 2007

Duplicate File Hunter 1.3 is released.

Now it is possible to automatically select duplicates from any folder in all groups.
You can use this feature using the popup menu of the search result list after you previously select any duplicate from the specified folder. Automatically deleting the selected duplicates after that is safe because the program always leaves not less than one duplicate unselected in any group. Which prevents you from deleting all file duplicates after automatic selection.

26 October 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 4.2 is released.

The main icon is redrawn.
All memory leaks are fixed.

17 September 2007

Delayed Shutdown 1.2 is released.

The maximal period by default - 6 hours.

23 September 2007

Perfect Screen Ruler 1.6 is released.

Export to the HTML list is added.

20 September 2007

Duplicate File Hunter 1.2 is released.

Are you looking for a solution which can scan whole computer and locate duplicated files?
Now you can scan for duplicates more than one Drive/Folder at a time.

17 September 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 4.1 is released.

Improved interface, now the program is still more comfortable and nice:
   - all icons for the toolbar have been redrawn, which makes it easier to find the necessary button and improves the general impression the program produces;
   - the button for pasting the sample text from the clipboard have been removed, but the feature remains, use the CTRL+V hotkey to do it;
   - two buttons for printing font examples have been combined into one, now it is possible to choose the printing method in the drop-down menu of this button;
   - the sample text input field have been enlarged due to the space that was occupied by the two unnecessary buttons, now it is more comfortable to edit a long sample string.

3 September 2007

Duplicate File Hunter 1.1 is released.

Export to the HTML list is added.

17 August 2007

Duplicate File Hunter 1.0 is released.

Find and remove all duplicate files.

22 June 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 4.0 is released.

Multilingual support has been added.
Added support for the Russian language.

4 June 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 3.9 is released.

Font Renamer is added.
You can rename fonts with their original name.

Font Finder is improved. You can install any font from the search result.

29 May 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 3.8 is released.

Font Metrics is added.
You can find out height of characters, ascent (units above the base line), descent (units below the base line), internal leading, external leading, weight of the font and other accessible information.

11 April 2007

Free Font Renamer 1.3 is released.

You can change the case of the file extension.

22 March 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 3.7 is released.

The installed font list can be filtered by family:

- All
- Roman (Serif)
- Swiss (Sans-serif)
- Script
- Decorative
- Modern (Monospace)
- Dontcare

15 March 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 3.6 is released.

Font Finder is added.
Finds a font in the font collection by a specified font name.

10 February 2007

Font Manager 3.5 is released.

It's small brother of AFV. The price of AFV was reduced by 50% with all main features necessary for everyday activities left in the program.

11 January 2007

Fast Photo Renamer 2.1 is released.

Now FPR allow you to rename the picture based on the EXIF date.

5 January 2007

Advanced Font Viewer 3.5 is released.

Some minor bugs of the Browser are fixed.
I.e. viewing and printing of uninstalled fonts now more reliable.




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