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The constantly coming favorable reports from our users confirm that this program is a wonderful tool to increase the efficiency of creative work.



Minnesota, USA

Registered user


"I purchased a registered copy because it did what I was looking for and did it quite well.

I did a search on Yahoo to find out how to "print font list" ("old" versions of Word used to be able to do it, but not the newer versions) -- found a couple macros could do in Word and that worked fine for installed fonts. Plus, I had already created a doc, manually, with all installed fonts. But I wanted to be able to print a list of the uninstalled fonts (with samples) that I've been collecting for desktop publishing & scrapbooking.

Found the Advanced Font Viewer through another yahoo search, downloaded the free trial -- it did what I wanted, but for some reason wouldn't generate the print list for the uninstalled fonts -- after purchasing, it did the generation of file I could print. Now that it's registered, I see every font & every sample in black & white. It's great!

I'd highly recommend this program to anyone interested."


Stanley J.

Frisco, USA

Registered user


"I liked the features and ease of use. Especially the feature to remove all non-windows fronts."


Richard B.

Valencia, USA

Registered user


"I purchased the software because it enables me to print out a complete list of all of the fonts on my system. I have used "Typograph" for several years on my Win XP computer but it is not compatible with my Vista computer. I also have Extensis Suitcase but it does not provide what I need.

I share my computer with my wife and she is able to choose fonts more easily from a printed list. I like the idea of free upgrades also."


Elizabeth Freeman

CEO Promotions

Registered user


"You have created a truly remarkable program.

We have a small promotional products/advertising company. It is just Charles and I. We sell items that your logo and contact information is printed on for handing out to clients. It's my job to create the "art" that gets imprinted on the pen or tee shirt or magnet or whatever. The client usually has something from the past that already has some font that they want me to duplicate on their new art. Without your program, I have to painstakingly go through all of Adobe Illustrator's possible fonts one at a's painful to say the least.

With your program, I just type in the search box a few of the words from the client's existing artwork and look down the page to see what font matches. Probably 99.9% of the time, I am able to find it with your program within seconds.

Thank you again for your assistance and your terrific program."


Craig Marshall

Arizona, USA

Registered user


"I have found, as a graphic designer, that your Advanced Font Viewer is an absolute necessity!"


John Benedict

Registered user


"I've been using the program for about three years. I originally found the program and talked my boss into purchasing it. It's the best program I've found for managing fonts and it just keeps getting better and better with each upgrade. A lot of times a customer will send me a sample of something they want me to duplicate and they don't know what font was used to create it. With AFV I can type in the exact same wording in the sample and find the font or one close enough to match. It makes my life a lot simpler.

Thanks for such a great program."


Simmie Noble Collins

Registered user


"No extraneous folderol. Simple, to the point. Doesnít take forever to load. Does what it claims to do. And the WYSIWYG aspect proves that Mr. Styopkin knows his audience. After buying, trying, downloading and testing various Windows based font programs, this one is right on the money. Plus Ė now donít laugh Ė but I like the icon. Itís easy to identify and easy on the eyes. Good job, Alexander!"


Gil Raynor

Registered user


"I wanted to thank you for your Advanced Font Viewer. I do a lot of graphic designs and have thousands of fonts on my computer and disk. This allows me to print out the font and let the customer pick exactly what they want. It has saved me tremendous time and going back and forth with the customer to determine what he wants. The previous program I used was discontinued.

I appreciate your constant updates and additions which continually improve a great program. Thank you for a great service."



Registered user


"I just want to say your program is great, as I have over 9000 fonts. and with out a font manager I would be lost, trying to find what I need, your manager makes it easy to install and uninstall them for use on my system, as everyone knows the limitations of windows.

Thanks for a great tool."


Chris Coombes

Somerset, UK

Registered user


"The main features of Advanced Font Viewer is being able to see at a glance what all the fonts look like in one go instead of viewing each one separately, very helpful when doing business cards, documents etc for family and friends. My eldest daughter even picked the font she wanted to use on her tattoo from viewing the fonts on my system. Also being able to view fonts from other sources, and then choosing the the exact one you want is a great advantage."


Adreani Paolo

Registered user


"The main reasons why I have registered Advance font viewer is the Dup detector font. My job is commercial press graphic designer, I have tons of fonts and I need a simple utility to delete the duplicated ones so I have tried a Google search and I have found AFV.

A good piece of software indeed !"


Samuel Wasserman

Registered user


" I've looked at several other font management programs and I find your program most suitable. It gives me just what I want. I use my computer 'at home' and do a fair amount of pro bono work for civic and charitable organizations and the simple and direct operation of Adv. Fonter is welcome.

Thank you for a good tool."


Jacqueline Versluijs

Registered user


"Thanks a lot, I think you have one of the best fontviewers already, and I see many software for this."


Alan Phillips

Registered user


"I tried the shareware version of your Advanced Font Viewer and found it to be one of the best utilities that I have ever used. The user interface is beautifully designed and It is very intuitive and easy to use. Once installed it found all of the fonts on my hard drive, both those included in Windows XP as well as in a dedicated font directory. Out of literally thousands of fonts It makes selection of any particular font style quick and easy. The decision to buy the program for personal use was a no brainer. Thank you for your efforts in writing such a great program."


Kim Malone

Registered user


"It allowed me to print all fonts and save as html and print fonts from another location."


Mandie Caldara

Registered user


"The ability to print out my complete font list to show clients so that they can choose their preferred font."


Larry McNerney

Registered user


"It gives me a quick look at all of the fonts I have. Once the AFV is launched then you just scroll through the fonts nothing else is required. Photoshop has a very basic way of seeing what a font looks like but its just one word (sample) so you don't get a really good feel for what a font looks like."


Paul Lithgow

Registered user


"Main advantage was that I could enter my own text in and see it displayed in different styles. Most programmers just let you see the different styles as either abcdefg etc or in some stock phrase "the quick brown fox" for example. This makes it easy to compare how a title, for example, will look in different styles. Also, I had a problem where a document I was printing kept producing something I did not see on the screen. I needed to know what font the printer was using. By entering in the text in Advanced Font Viewer and matching it up, I was able to find the font and therefore the problem."


Katie Otto


Registered user


"I have about 1500 fonts, and I produce a historical newsletter for my community, so I am always on the lookout for unique, vintage and artistic fonts to add to my collection. Of course, it was pretty hard to view what I had w/out a viewer, so thanks for coming to my rescue! 

I love the large interface to be able to see all of my fonts, and how they look in a sentence, etc. I love being able to save selected fonts (got my "working fonts" down to the 350 best, out of 1500 possibles!), being able to print, being able to control the background and font color in the viewer. You have made a great program!"


Dick Anderson


Registered user


"I am a member of two homeowner's associations. I produce a directory of names, addresses, phone numbers and other information for both associations on a volunteer basis. To pay for the publication of these directories we sell advertising and I do the makeup for these ads. Font viewer is absolutely essential in being able to replicate the fonts required by the advertisers so I can deliver a first rate product. My font selection has gradually grown to over 650 fonts.

In most cases I can use Font Viewer to find the matching font. Thank you."


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