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You have collected a lot of fonts for your professional activities and now want to remove all duplicates?


You can do it with Advanced Font Viewer!


You can remove duplicates either automatically or manually.


Automatic removal.

It is the easiest and the quickest way to remove exact duplicates of font files from your collection. 


Manual removal.

You can use information provided by the program to decide which font files should be removed and which should be kept.


The recommended sequence of actions for removing font duplicates from your collection.


  1. Back up your font collection. For example, write it to a CD. It will allow you to get the original collection back in case anything goes wrong.

  2. Start Advanced Font Viewer.

  3. Open the DupDetector tab.

  4. You will see the file tree in the left part of the program window. Select the folder where your font collection is stored. 

  5. Click the Start detection button and wait until the duplicate search is over.

  6. If there are any font duplicates detected, information about them will appear the right part of the program in the form of a tree. Each node in the tree has the full name of a font as its name, for example, “Palatino Normal”. Each item in each node contains information about a font duplicate: its size, version, checksum (CRC32) and path.

  7. Click the button labeled CRC32 with a cross on it. The program will delete all exact copies of font files.

  8. Manual mode. Remember that files with the same font may differ. For example, font versions 1.0 and 2.0. Files are different, but the font is actually the same. Now it is your turn to act as an expert and remove the remaining duplicates judging from the data about file sizes, font versions and paths to files. To get additional information about a font, double-click it.


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