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Products > Automatic Photo Sorter 2.1

Want to sort out your photos, but you do not have enough time and energy?

Screenshot - Automatic Photo Sorter

Have you already made thousands of photos? Then every time you upload new photos from your camera to the computer, you think: "I wish I could sort all these photos", but once you imagine how much effort and time this routine work will take, you give it up. And the story repeats itself each time, while the number of photos keeps increasing all the time…

Familiar thoughts? And now the important thing – you can make this task much easier if you automate it. "How to do it automatically?" – you will ask. Piece of cake, just follow the instructions:

- install Automatic Photo Sorter;

- specify the path to the photos source;

- specify the path to the folder where the sorted collection will be stored;

- click the Sort button.

Download Automatic Photo SorterAutomatic Photo Sorter - Buy Now!

Free lifetime upgrades.

Your Safety and Benefit

That's all! All main routine work will be done for you! You will get a set of folders sorted chronologically. Each folder will contain photos made during one day. For instance, you may have such folders as:

- 2004-07-15

- 2005-12-25

- 2007-03-11

- 2009-06-29


And finally, when all this routine has been done for you, it's time for your creative wit. However, you can leave it as it is without spending your effort and time on additional work.

So, if you decide to arrange your collection in an ideal way, pay your attention to the following tips.

  • It is better to rename each folder by adding the description of the event to its name, but without modifying the date itself. For instance, "2008-04-28 Fishing" - it will help you keep the chronological order of your folders and give them easily understandable names, which will make it easier to search for photos in future.

  • If you see several dates coming in a row, obviously the event took several days and it is better to move such photos to one folder.

  • Use Fast Photo Renamer to rename photos. It will allow you to rename both groups of photos according to the template you specify and separate photos one by one.


Technical details.

Photos are not moved, but copied during the sorting process. It does not allow the program to destroy the initial structure of your collection – you get a new collection without losing your old collection.

The dates when photos were made are extracted from EXIF data, which allows the program to detect the actual date when the photo was taken, instead of the date when it was saved to the computer. If this data cannot be retrieved, the file creation date is used.

The unregistered version of the program will sort only first 35 photos.


Surprise your friends with an order among your photos.

 No more reasons to delay classifying your photos, do it right now. Surprise your friends with an order in your photo collection. Now you will quickly find the photos you need knowing when approximately they were made.


Do it now. 

Remember that it is an automatic photo sorter that does not require any efforts from you concerning the sorting process. It works while you have a rest. Just install it, specify two paths to photo collections (current and new) – that's all! Enjoy the order.



  • Version 2.1

    Added a feature of sorting the pictures not only by date, but also by year and month.
    Now, when copying the image files, if their names match all the rest files by the same name are not ignored but copied, and each of them gets a new unique name. New file name consists of the previous name plus the unique number.


  • Version 2.0

    The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.

    Now you can sort photos not only by date, but also by camera name and by size.

    You can sort them either by one of these parameters or by the two or all three parameters at once. The structure of the sorted collection will look as a tree in this case.


  • Version 1.0

    First release.




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