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There is a lot easier way to view fonts, than physical opening each one, or brief viewing in Microsoft Word.

Advanced Font Viewer is a program with the user-friendly interface that allows simultaneous viewing of all fonts installed on a system. An example text for each font is displayed alongside. The program allows managing and printing your fonts as well.

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How to choose a better font?

The quality of your work with text and graphics in many respects depends on the fonts you use.

It is not that easy to choose an appropriate font, as it seems at first sight. Most programs have quite scant resources for font choice, or do not have them at all. You have to browse the fonts separately or use a list of typeface variants, which is usually quite poor, as it is, for example, in MS Word.


 Use Advanced Font Viewer!

Advanced Font Viewer was developed to solve the problem. The programís name itself shows what AFV can actually do. It is a specialized tool for fast searching for the best variant of font among the fonts you have. 

The easy-to-use interface allows beginners to quickly master the program, while the professionals will definitely enjoy everyday working with it.

As soon as you run Advanced Font Viewer, you will see the text examples for all of the fonts installed on your computer on one list.

You will be able to set necessary style, size and color of the text examples, according to your own scheme. You can also enter your own text to use it as an example.

If you are choosing a font for printed matters, then print out the list and make your choice according to the real conditions of font use.

Those who have huge collections of fonts, and those who wish to accurately compare patterns of several fonts looking almost similar, may create their own Selected Fonts List. Working with such list will save you necessity to look through the main list, spending too much time for searching, and thus it will allow you to concentrate on your choice. You will be able to add new fonts to the list, as well as to delete unnecessary fonts. This list can also be printed out.

Users of the program are not limited by the choice only among the already installed fonts. One always can add a new font to his or her collection from any folder of a hard drive or a CD, being able to evaluate fontís appearance before adding. In case you find an ugly font, or a font you use rarely, you can deinstall it right away.

All questions and requests we receive from the users, we take into consideration in the plan of future development and improvement of the program. The AFVís constant enhancement was repeatedly covered in different authoritative periodicals; the program was awarded to many prizes. The comments of the AFVís users also point out the programís efficacy and simplicity of use.

All registered users of Advanced Font Viewer always get the full up-to-date version of the program. This becomes possible because of the free updates policy and distribution of information about the newest versions of AFV. In case you are an unregistered user or you have an unreliable mailbox, you can subscribe for news posting.


Features Use and Benefits

Make the best choice of fonts you are looking for.

Remembering about gaining time, please take into account that the quality of your work also increases with using expressive fonts, which would correspond with your creative idea.

Simultaneous browsing of all fonts installed.

You will gain much time, if you used to browse fonts on by one. You do not have to remember how one or another font looks like, they all will be right in front of you.

Printing of the fonts samples.

You will be able to give your client many versions of font patterns for final affirmation.

If you decided to deinstall many fonts from your computer it is recommended to print and keep the examples before the deinstallation.

The perception of a font on the monitor screen differs from one on the paper. The printed examples allow you to make a better choice of the font, which is be used for printed matter.

Some users prefer browsing font list by Internet Explorer. Those will be able to do so, since while printing an HTML document is created, which can be viewed by Internet Explorer.

Font installation.

It is a handy and easy way to widen your collection of installed fonts with new ones.

Font deinstallation.

If your collection contains an ugly, rarely used font or a font with inappropriate design, you can deinstall it by a single click and never pay attention to it any longer.

Character Map.

The browsing of all font characters on a full screen is convenient for the evaluation of the quality and the completeness of a font.

If you use in your work fonts, which contain images, then the possibility to view any character on a full screen will certainly be to your liking.

Information about the font.

Each font, according to its specification, may contain useful additional information. This will allow you to find out who the author of the font is, and to get his website address. Such additional information will acquaint you with the license agreement as well. It will also contain such data as the production date, the versionís number of the font, and information about Ďsubfamiliesí of the font, which are installed on your computer.

Advanced Font Viewer - DownloadAdvanced Font Viewer - Buy Now!


What's New?

Windows system fonts protector.

The AFV will not allow you to uninstall fonts installed by Windows.


Also Coming Soon

Font duplicates detector.

Uninstalled font browser displaying many fonts simultaneously,

and other useful features.

If you have interesting ideas of future program development, please send them.



These screenshots demonstrate some Advanced Font Viewer features.

Screenshot - Advanced Font Viewer - Main window.

Main window.

Sreenshot - Selected fonts list.

Selected font list.

Screenshot - Zoom tab.

Zoom tab.

Sreenshot - Character Map tab.

Character Map tab.


Usersí Comments

The constantly coming favorable reports from our users confirm that this program is a wonderful tool, which is able to increase the efficiency of creative work.


Jacqui Sadler

Registered user


"I am a bit of a font addict and frequently look for new and interesting fonts on the internet. My family and friends often ask me if I have a font suitable for a specific school or business project. This year, I have copied my list of over 1600 fonts to CD to give to some of these people as Christmas presents. I wanted a list that showed these fonts to make it easier for them to see what was on the CD.

Advanced Font Viewer has allowed me to produce this list. It shows the file name in plain font - which is important when some fonts are illegible, comprised of symbols or offer capital letters only. I can also select the text string that I want to be displayed. I wanted a package that allowed me to copy the font listing to 'Word' for further editing and to allow me to choose which pages to print and how to layout the pages. Advanced Font Viewer provides this service.

Now I have a full list of fonts printed out, and have copied all the fonts to CD, I can remove the majority of these installed fonts from my system and load them only when needed. I am sure that the listing produced by Advanced Fonts Viewer will be frequently used as a reference source. I also have a useful and original Christmas present to give to my family and friends this year."



Registered user


"As to why I like your program. I need a way to print and see all fonts hardcopy when selecting for graphic development. I'm a graphic designer for a Golden Retriever club in the US."



Registered user


"This program is a dream to use, making font previewing so much easier.

During my try-out period for this program I was in the process of updating one of my clients web sites, and she wanted a magazine article about her web site reproducing as a web page. There was a particular heading for the article in a font I did not recognise. Using two great features of your program, being able to type your own text string in and then seeing the fonts in various scaleable sizes, I identified the font in seconds."


Lucille M. Wingard

Cleveland, Ohio

Registered user


"I do a lot of desktop publishing and one of most important aspects of design is the font.  Without your Advanced Font Viewer, it would take me forever. I don't like to get in the habit of using the same "favorite" fonts over and over again, as you design work all looks the same - with Font Viewer I can access this data instantly and make the decision.  I LOVE the program and am grateful that you designed such a comprehensive program."



Registered user


"I made the purchase because I thought the software was great. It does exactly what it is supposed to do without any brain tweaking. When I am creating graphics that need fonts I just run the program in the task bar and it is always there when I need it to scan fonts. The large screen made it even greater for me. I hate spending dollars on a program and then finding out it's operating windows are so small and cramped that you almost need a magnifier to use it."


Derek Clements

Registered user


"I use print-outs all the time to add & remove fonts, as I use more than I want to hold on my hard disk at any one time."


R. Conrad

Registered user


"I am satisfied with your program. Since I use several fonts creating web pages your program is ideal and a easy solution of choosing the right kind of font to do the job.

Thanks. I am looking forward to your new upgrade and can't imagine how you could improve your product."



Memphis, TN

Registered user


"Love it, love it, love it. For years I have struggled with Adobe Photoshop's lack of viewable fonts.  After buying and trying a half dozen other font viewing programs, I was thrilled when I first tried out Advanced Font Viewer.  I love its ease of use, especially being able to drop any text into the viewer and scale it to match the final output.  I have had it through 3 upgrades and every one of them has been a definite plus for the user. Thanks and keep up the hard work."


Matthew Weiss

Registered user


"This utility was a wonderful tool for my Sanskrit project that required special characters with diacritical marks not found in the fonts that are normally available."


Wendy Wootton

Registered user


"I think Advanced Font Viewer is a super program, and I find it very helpful in my web design. It allows me to print off a sample of all the fonts I have so I can choose the right typeface for logos and web graphics."


Gareth L. Larsen

Senlar Resources

Redmond, WA

Registered user


"I have found your Advanced Fonts Viewer program to be one of the most useful and effective tools I have.  I do a great deal of correspondence and writing of training programs.  I use Office 2003 and subsequently have many options available to me through those programs.  However, to be able to see the full sheet with all of the fonts I have has simply become indispensable to me. It is a great program and I certainly endorse it."


Bob Chalmers

Registered user


"I think that your programme is brilliant it was just what I needed to sort out my fonts."


Lee Reed

Registered user


"The Advanced Fonts Viewer is a must for graphics and web site users. The program is easy to use and has features you won't find on other font viewers. I rate it excellent. I can't imagine how it could be improved and am interested in seeing AFV 2.0. I particularly like how you can type the words you intend to use and see what it looks like instead of the 'fox jumping over a dog' wording. The other features are time savers also. I highly recommend this program and appreciate the lifetime updates. You can't go wrong buying this program with all the great features."


Bev Zatta

Bits and Pieces

+Photos by Bev Zatta

Registered user


"Yes I am pleased with the program as it has enabled me to find required fonts fast and efficiently!"


Bill Arwood

Garland, TX

Registered user


"As a developer and a college professor I have enjoyed the version of Font Viewer."


Danilo Mauricio


Registered user


"I use the Advance Font Viewer as a Letter references in  designing a Head title, access button name, text style in the home page."


Greg Gates

Registered user


"I use Advanced Font Viewer to help save time and to do what publishing programs should do in the first place. It's great software and I am very glad that I found it."


George Hardie

Taunton, England.

Registered user


"I have been using the Advanced Font Viewer for a long while and have found it to be most useful.

I do a lot of graphics work and any time I need a new font layout it is very easy to go into Advance Font Viewer and instantly have a comparison of all the fonts which I have installed.

The programme is very intuitive and easy to use and I recommend it to anyone as a very useful accessory."


Hugh Alexander

Registered user


"I use the Advanced Font Viewer during most of my word processing: it comes easily on screen and with no effort shows me my full font range and can show the exact phrase I am working with. An excellent piece of software."



Registered user


"Being a Graphic Designer I need to find new fonts for various works. Being able to type the text in and see how it will look in the final outcome not only makes it easier for me, but saves a lot of time as well. I would recommend this program to anybody who uses fonts more than once a day."


Harold Cantor

Registered user


"I mainly edit a local magazine {unpaid}) and find the program excellent for changing font on different stories or pages. Best thing I have come across in this line for years."


Advanced Font Viewer - DownloadAdvanced Font Viewer - Buy Now!



All the publications, covering Advanced Font Viewer, evoked widespread grateful responses from the readers, who figured out that their lives can be prolonged for months because of time gained with searching for an appropriate font.


Jan Louw

"A very handy program to have."


"A very handy program to have. It makes it much easier to select and use different fonts (and characters) on your system.

I would suggest backing up your Windows\Fonts directory before installing new fonts, as it will overwrite the same font names without warning you.

The program has the potential to realy be an "advanced font viewer" as it is improved with every new version. Buying the program will include all upgraded improved versions."


Paul Rowlingson

"...nice tool to help you select the right font."

VNUNet logo


"Advanced Font Viewer is a simple program allowing all fonts installed on a system to be viewed simultaneously, with example text written in each font displayed alongside.

It uses a simple alphabetical view and offers a choice of example texts that can be used to preview fonts, including lower and upper case letters (Aa Bb Cc etc.), numbers and the option of importing example text from the clipboard.

The display size of the fonts can be altered using the increase and decrease buttons with the font size displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The example font can be switched between normal, bold, underlined, italic and strikeout modes at the click of a button.

The only drawback is that it has a rather annoying reminder that keeps popping up, informing you that this is an unregistered version."


Jake Ludington

Locker Gnome logo


"If you frequently work with fonts, this is an easy way to browse through your entire collection and choose the font best suited for your current project. Preview the fonts installed on your system, viewing each one in its own typeface. Check out fonts in full-screen mode. Try out fonts in different styles, like bold, italic, underlined, or with a strike through. Detailed information like font copyright, actually font name and family name, and style names are available through the Advanced Font Viewer interface. Print samples of all your fonts in one continuous list, instead of wasting hundreds of sheets of paper. Free lifetime upgrades are available."



Advanced Font Viewer merited many prestigious awards, including the highest "5 stars" and "Editor's Pick" awards: SoftLandMark, Pauls's Picks, TheFileTransit, FileHungry, ShareUp, GlobalShareware, BrotherSoft.



  • Version 2.1

  • The maximize window at start up of the program - now optional.

    Frame divider between FONT and TEXT on the Installed Font List tab and Selected Font List tab now remembers a size set by the user.

    Have been eliminated Character Map flickers.

    The Character Map also supports manipulation by arrow keys.

    Font size of the FONT column is fixed as 12 bold.


  • Version 2.0

  • A new, XP-looking, stylish interface design.

    New help file.

    More user-friendly system of the Program Registration.

    Advanced Fonts Viewer renamed Advanced Font Viewer.

    Over 50 other changes and improvements.


  • Version 1.9

    Font deinstallation.

    Tab management.


  • Version 1.8

    Quick Search for font name, editor of example text are added.


  • Version 1.7

    Font Browser is added.

    The preliminary viewing of single uninstalled fonts is accessible.

    Also you can install hundreds fonts by just one click.

    Character Map, and font info viewer were improved.


  • Version 1.6

    Selected Font List is added.

    It is a convenient way of printing several type specimens.

    Also, it has become easier to make a final choice using Selected Font List than choosing among hundreds fonts.


  • Version 1.5

    The Zoom tab is added.

    You can view font in various sizes simultaneously.


  • Version 1.4

    Font info viewer is added.

    You can find out date of font creation, version number, and other accessible information.


  • Version 1.3

    Character Map is added.

    Any symbol can be viewed in a full-screen mode.


  • Version 1.2

    Font list export from screen to HTML file feature is added.

    File can be brought into Word and edited very easily.

    Also, you can view or print the file out.


  • Version 1.1

    Choice of color for font and background.

    Moving icon to system tray when minimized (optional).


  • Version 1.0

    Browse through and preview any installed fonts.

    Fast choice of necessary font size and style (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout).

    Very simple and intuitive interface.

    Installer/Uninstaller program shell is added.



  • How to change example text?

    The text of the font samples is changed simultaneously in the whole program. You can either paste a text from Windows Clipboard, or choose it from the list.

    A text from Windows Clipboard is pasted by pressing Shift+Ins key combination, or by clicking the corresponding button at the Toolbar.

    You can add, delete or change the order of the lines in the list with the help of Options Dialog. Only first five lines of the whole sample text list are displayed in order to preserve interfaceís simplicity.


  • I have more fonts than your program displays!

    Program displays the families of fonts, which may include some subfamilies as well. Each subfamily is a separate file, therefore, there is much more font files than those available on the computer.


  • Can I pick some specific fonts to print them out, or is it "all or nothing"?

    Yes, you defiantly can do that with Selected Font List.


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