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Products > Digital Photo Organizer 1.7

Simple Way to Organize Photos

Your pictures will be perfectly sorted and ready for easy access at any time if you use Digital Photo Organizer.
The user-friendly interface of the program ensures quick results and safe photo processing.

Screenshot - Digital Photo Organizer

Want to Sort And Rename Photos?

Digital Photo Organizer solves this problem allowing you to:

  • automatically sort photos;

  • rename a group of photos in the batch mode using a template;

  • give a unique name to every separate photo.

Download Digital Photo OrganizerDigital Photo Organizer - Buy Now!

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Program Features


Automatic photo sorter:

– photos are not moved but copied so the original photos are kept as a backup;

– you can sort photos applying several rules simultaneously, for example, by the camera type and by the year of shooting;

– available sorting options: year, month and date of shooting, camera type, image size.


Batch and Single photo renamer:

– you can preview the result in real time;

– you can undo renaming photos using the Undo command;

– you can add zeros before photo numbers using the “001” feature;

– you can change the size of thumbnail images;


Batch photo renamer:

– you can use the following items in the template in any order:

  • text

  • photo number

  • shooting date and time

  • photo size

  • camera name

  • original file name

  • the name of the folder where the file is located;

– if you need to change the order of photos, just drag their thumbnails arranging them in the necessary order.


Single photo renamer:

– the photo being renamed and the input field for its new name are displayed on one level – no need to move your eyes all over the screen;

– automatically moving to the next photo – just type the new file name and press Enter;


How to Use the Program?


Automatic photo sorter:

– Select the photo source folder (as well as all its subfolders) in the Explorer window on the left.

– Specify the path to the folder where the photos will be located after they are sorted.

– Specify the sorting rules.

– Use the preview to evaluate the result.

– Click the Sort button.


Batch photo renamer:

– Select the photo source folder in the Explorer window on the left.

– If you want to change the order of photos, drag their thumbnails to the necessary place in the list.

– Type the text in the template.

– Insert data about the photo into the template by selecting the data type first and then clicking the Insert button.

– Use the preview to make sure that the new names are generated correctly.

– Click the Rename button.


Single photo renamer:

– Select the folder containing photos to be renamed in the Explorer window on the left.

– Type the new photo names and press Enter.


Users’ Comments


Bill Wolfsen

Ione, Oregon, USA

Registered user


"I have been using Fast Photo Renamer for some time now and happy with it. I always wished I could open a folder of pictures then drag and drop them in a different order before I would rename them. When I got my new computer and was installing the programs. I downloaded Digital Photo Organizer thinking I was getting Photo Renamer. I found that I could both sort the files in any order then rename them any way I wished. I was more than happy to pay the fee for this new program. I would highly recommend Digital Photo Organizer to anyone including those that have your Fast Photo Renamer because of its additional enhancements."


Digital Photo Organizer History


Digital Photo Organizer came into existence as a result of combining two programs: Fast Photo Renamer and Automatic Photo Sorter. The new product has an improved interface and additional features:

– previewing the results of sorting and renaming;

– Drag&Drop for Batch photo renamer.

  • Version 1.7

    Folder Merger is added.
    You can merge the files located in subfolders into one folder with the sequentially numbering.


  • Version 1.6

    Photo Cropper & Filter for Cropper, Resizer and Protector is added.
    You can crop different quantity of pixels from each side of a photo.


  • Version 1.5

    Photo resizer & Watermark protector is added.
    Resize and protect your photo image files for photo-blog, email attachments, web pages, photo-sharing web sites, online photo-printing services, slide show, office documents.


  • Version 1.4

    Duplicates Photo Finder is added.
    Easy way to find and remove duplicates of photos.


  • Version 1.3

    File name replacer is added.
    You can replace characters in the file names with other characters.

  • Version 1.2

    Extensions manager is added.
    You can change extensions case of all files in the any directory.


  • Version 1.1

    Video can be sorted by file creation date or by file modification date.


  • Version 1.0

    First release.


    Download Digital Photo OrganizerDigital Photo Organizer - Buy Now!


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