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Products > Duplicate File Hunter 3.0 - Freeware duplicates finder

Find & Remove All File Duplicates

Screenshot - Duplicate File Hunter

How many file duplicates are there on your computer?


You don't know, but you regularly come across copies of files, right? There are various reasons why duplicates appear, but no matter what these reasons are there is not much sense in storing them.


Download Duplicate File Hunter


Find all duplicates in a couple of minutes.

It will take several minutes for Duplicate File Hunter to locate file duplicates. Start the program and press the Enter key to do it. While the program is searching for duplicates, you can have a cup of aromatic coffee.


The final step is removing the duplicates.

You see the results in the form of a table. All duplicates are divided into groups highlighted in different colors for better perception. Remove the duplicates you do not need by selecting them and pressing the Del key. If you want to open a file, double-click it.


Peculiarities in the work of the program.

The system Windows and Program Files folders are ignored during search.


Start now.

You can start working with the program by pressing the Enter key so do not postpone trying the program. Try the program right now.



These screenshots demonstrate some Duplicate File Hunter features.

Screenshot - Print list of the duplicates

Export: Printable and editable HTML list.



User's Comments

The constantly coming favorable reports from our users confirm that this program is a wonderful tool to clear PC from the duplicates.


Ryan H.

Registered user


"I am a Photoshop user and I'm sure with all of my backup activities I have extra copies of the image files."



Registered user


"Duplicate File Hunter a just what I needed. Thanks!"



  • Version 3.0

    Now you can use DFH as freeware.


  • Version 2.2

    Small changes.


  • Version 2.1

    A lot of minor improvements after active feedback from users of the site GAOTD.


  • Version 2.0

    The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.


  • Version 1.4

    The process of deleting file duplicates by new or careless users is now safer. If the program detects duplicate groups where all files are selected before deleting files, the deletion process will be cancelled and the user will be offered to clear the selection from any file in the group. This measure will not allow users to accidentally delete all duplicate files.


  • Version 1.3

    Now it is possible to automatically select duplicates from any folder in all groups. You can use this feature using the popup menu of the search result list after you previously select any duplicate from the specified folder. Automatically deleting the selected duplicates after that is safe because the program always leaves not less than one duplicate unselected in any group. Which prevents you from deleting all file duplicates after automatic selection.

    Let us see how this feature can be used in practice and take copying photos from the mobile phone to the computer as an example. You copied the photos half a year ago to folder 01. You deleted part of the files from the mobile phone within the next half a year. And today you copied files to folder 02. It turns out that folder 02 contains many duplicate files from folder 01, but part of files from folder 01 is no longer there. And you want to gather all files in one folder excluding duplicates. To do it:
    - search these folders for duplicates;

    - select any file from folder 01 in the search results;

    - select the “Safely Select Duplicates From This Folder in All Groups” feature using the popup menu of the search result list;

    - click the Delete button.

    All duplicates from folder 01 will be selected and deleted, now you can copy the rest of files from folder 01 to folder 02.

    Note that the names of some copied files may coincide, but these files are not duplicates. The mobile phone can give new photos the names (numbers) of the deleted old photos. To avoid these repeated names in the folder, you can use Fast Photo Renamer.


  • Version 1.2

    Are you looking for a solution which can scan whole computer and locate duplicated files?

    You can scan for duplicates more than one Drive/Folder at a time.


  • Version 1.1

    Duplicate list export from screen to HTML file feature is added.

    You can easily print, edit or save this list.


  • Version 1.0

    First release.



  • How to use the Select button?

    The complete name of this feature is Safely select duplicates from this folder in all groups. Suppose you backed up some folder some time ago. After you search for duplicates, you find a lot of references to files stored in this folder. You are absolutely sure that they are file copies that you do not need. Then you can select one file from this folder in the search results of the program and then use this Select feature. As a result of it, all file duplicates located in this folder will be selected in all groups. Now you can quickly hide or delete them using the corresponding command.



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