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Products > Fast Photo Renamer 4.2

Rename files with your photos quickly and comfortably!

Screenshot - Fast Photo Renamer (photo rename)

  • Flexible file name generation.

  • Batch renaming mode.

  • One-by-one renaming  mode.

  • Photo previewing. 

  • Supported: JPG, BMP, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA, WMF.

  • Rename photos according to the EXIF date "001 Sea 2007-01-31.jpg".

Free lifetime upgrades.

Your Safety and Benefit

Download Fast Photo RenamerFast Photo Renamer - Buy Now!


What is it for?

 If you are not happy about such names of your photo files as “Img_0275.jpg”, “Dsc00403.jpg”, you need a tool to solve this problem – it is Fast Photo Renamer. You can rename either each photo separately or all photos in a folder at once.


How does it work?

One-by-one mode. Select a folder with photos, look at the lower-left corner of the window, think of a new name for the photo, type it, press “Enter” and the program will show you the next photo.

Batch mode. Specify a template consisting of a prefix, the position where the numeration should start and the number of digits to be used in file names. Click the “Rename” button.


File Sorting using My Computer (Explorer) and Fast Photo Renamer

Advice author: William Wolfsen (Bill)

I have purchased you “Fast Photo Renamer” and found it work very well. Sense I have been using it I have been trying to find a program where I can drag and drop photo’s in a folder to arrange them in a different order then rename them. Spending many hours on the Internet and I seemed to keep coming to a dead end then I found out I could use “My Computer or Explorer” and open a picture folder and move the pictures around in the thumbnails and save them in the new order. I found an article on the Internet that explained how to do it and got it to work. It seems like you could market a program that would do the same thing and rename the photo’s with a more advanced program. I’m not a programmer so do not know anything about if it’s possible. Below I am going to send you the steps you need to use with Explorer to make it work. I would suggest you either make this information available to folks that get Fast Photo Renamer or upgrade a program that will do it.

  • Open a folder you wish to sort with Explorer or My Computer.

  • Go to the Thumbnails option.

  • Drag and drop pictures in the order you wish them.

  • Select all the pictures in the folder

  • Right-click on the first picture

  • Select Rename

  • Type the name and with one blank space put a (1).jpg Example: Backpack (1).JPG (Don’t forget the extension)

  • Hit the Enter key

  • Now go to “Fast Photo Renamer”

  • Open the folder with the pictures you just sorted.

  • Click on “Expand 1 to 001” in the upper left corner of the window. This will make the numbers change to three digits and correct their order. Now renumber them with “Fast Photo Renamer” as you wish to have them.


Users’ Comments


Jacob Koch

Maryland, USA

Registered user


"I found your software through a Google search. About six months ago, I tried about 5 batch photo renaming programs, and none of them could do what I wanted. They were either confusing (and I'm a fairly advanced computer user) or didn't have enough options to give clean names to the photos. I was looking for a very specific naming scheme that my old Canon camera gave my photos, but none of the software could do it.

Your software blew them away. The two features yours has that I couldn't find elsewhere: the ability to start from a specific number, and the ability to name photos after the date the picture was taken rather than modified. I have many photos in my collection that have been modified for red eye, cropped, etc., so they have different modified dates, and it aggravated me that other programs would use that date before the picture taken date.

I've been putting off organizing my photos for over a year because I couldn't find good enough software, but now I can do it easily. I wish I had feedback for you, but I don't at this point; the software is perfect for me. Thanks!"


Antoine Boulos

Florida, USA

Registered user


"This morning I was organising many photo files and I always end up with duplicate names and I had to rename each file differently in order not to overwrite the other pictures. It was a very time consuming task. I just thought maybe somebody had that same problem and I searched the internet. I immediately found your program and tried it to see if it would help me rename files without having duplicate names. And it worked, that is why I purchased the program."


Richard Carr

Colorado, USA

Registered user


"I take hundreds of event photos and use Flash, xml and databases. To upload new photos, I just rename them to match my code and viola, a new gallery. FPR makes life easy."


Gareth Larsen

Registered user


"I am in the business of Real Estate Investing and in the application of my work I take many, many digital photos of property. It has been a hassle trying to go through the many groups and rename each one. I tried your program after downloading it from the web. I am highly impressed with the "batch" feature. This way I can group pictures into folders and do all the similar pics in one action. "Great Feature."

I continue to use the program extensively. You continue to save me many hours of work for which I am truly grateful."



Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Registered user


"I just need to rename lots of photos with the same batch name. Probably like any other person who owns a digital camera. Wasn't so bad when we were stuck with 36 shots per 35mm film of course!

I have several photo products by Microsoft, Canon and HP on my PC, but none of them have this time saving feature."


Macarena Arriagada

Registered user


"The main reason that I bought your programe is that I'm a professional photographer and I need to reamer batches of photos to my clients.

I found it very easy to use than other products."


Judy Hewitt

Ohio, USA

Registered user


"I LOVE the program. What a great tool!

 I have thousands of digital photos and have always been very frustrated by how time consuming it is to change the names of the images. This is very quick and easy."



Registered user


"I have just started to scan and catagorize all of my old 35mm slides. I have been renaming each file after I scan it into the computer. I have about 1000 slides to do so I was thinking that renaming the files was going to take hours. Your program is going to save me a huge amount of time. I will be able to batch catagorize and number whole groups of pictures at once!

I read about your program in Smart Computing. I am glad I am a subscriber."


Debbie F.

Registered user


"The reason I decided to try it is because I recently went to Europe and took 800 pictures. With that many pictures, I thought your program would be a big plus in renaming all those files. The main thing I like about the program is that all the pictures are right there together. That feature makes renaming them a snap.



John Vela

Registered user


"Fast Photo Renamer does EXACTLY what I needed to have done AND it does it fast! It's as simple as that. Works fast and easily used. Two of the BEST qualities any software can claim to possess! Thanks!"


Karin C.

Registered user


"The ability to re-name photos taken in numerical order while KEEPING them in numerical order and adding a date/text. PLUS a huge one is being able to start the numbering at any number I specify! I am a real estate agent, as well as a freelance web designer/photographer/graphic designer and I take A LOT of photos. Sometimes I need to take photos and run over into multiple SD cards. This program allows me to keep my photos in numerical order, as well as merge the SD cards together and continue the numbering.

I searched for "photo renamer" specifically because I had a project that I am working on for a company that HAD to keep over 1500 pictures in numerical order, but also had to break up different sections within those same numbered pictures. I was working on it by hand, until I got frustrated and thought I would see if someone created a program to do that. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"


Download Fast Photo RenamerFast Photo Renamer - Buy Now!

Your Safety and Benefit



  • Version 4.2

    Small improvements.


  • Version 4.1

    New data are added in the template, it is Folder name and Old name.


  • Version 4.0

    New data are added in the template, these data are extracted from photos, it is model of the camera and the photo size. Therefore the template concept has been processed once again and now you can use all accessible data, inserting between it any text.


  • Version 3.0

    The program has been optimized and tested under MS Vista.

    It is now easier to select a template for generating photo names because the drop-down template list contains examples of new names with the rest of custom settings taken into account. For example, the new template "New Photos Name - 001- 2010-10-10" is more visual than the old one "TEXT separator1 NUMBER separator2 DATE".


  • Version 2.5

    Now the photo creation date is always available.

    If the date is not available from EXIF data, the file creation date is used.


  • Version 2.4

    Now it is possible to use only date or date and time from EXIF.

    The problem with uniprocessor systems is fixed.


  • Version 2.3

    Optimized for dual-core processors, up to 40% faster.


  • Version 2.2

    Added support for the Large Fonts mode (120 dpi).


  • Version 2.1

    Now FPR allow you to rename the picture based on the EXIF date.


  • Version 2.0

    Small improvements.


  • Version 1.9

    Now you can use WMF format.


  • Version 1.8

    The Undo feature has been added.

    Now it is no problem to get back the names of photos renamed by mistake. The feature can be used in both modes – batch and individual. The program stores information only for the current session, i.e. if you restart the program, the rollback data will be deleted.


  • Version 1.7

    It is now possible to use text used as a prefix in the name of new files as suffix.

    For example, you could create only such names as NewName-001, but now the variant 001-NewName is also available.


  • Version 1.6

    Now you are not limited to the JPG format.

    You can view and rename files of the following formats: BMP, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA.


  • Version 1.5

    You can use the Batch mode to select images in a certain order and each image will be renamed in the order you select.


  • Version 1.4

    Two sizes for thumbnails are added: 192x192 and 256x256 pixels.

    They are larger than those of the already existing size of 128x128 and will be comfortable when viewed with large screen resolutions, for instance, 1600x1200.


  • Version 1.3

    Now it is possible to use the batch mode to rename only the selected files.

    If more files than one are selected, only these selected files will be renamed. Use Shift or Control to select a group of files.


  • Version 1.2

    Images are shown faster now.

    Refresh button is added.

    Other small improvements.


  • Version 1.1

    The program is loaded faster now.

    Files are renamed faster now.

    ProgressBar is added.

    Minor bugs are fixed.


  • Version 1.0

    First release.



  • Now the photos on the right are all black with just the one picture of the photo at the bottom left showing. What do I need to do to get the photos on the right to showing the pictures again?

    Program works fine if it is open while the video card is configured in 16 bit.

    The full text from Sebastien Plante: "I did a little test this morning. I configured my video card to use 16bit per pixel instead of 32, open the program and the problem disappeared. While the program was open, I reconfigured my video card in 32bit and the program was still working fine. I closed the program and reopen it and the problem appeared again. So, the program works fine if it is open while the video card is configured in 16 bit. I hope this info will help you solving this little issue."



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