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Products > Font Manager 3.5

Font Manager - View, Print, Install, Uninstall

All features at the affordable price of $25


Font Manager - Download

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Main benefits of Working with Font Manager

You can quickly choose a font among all installed fonts because now you do not have to click each font file – you see all font types at once in one list.

Have you decided to choose several font types? Great! Do not worry, you will not have to scroll the list up and down making the final choice. Simply add these fonts to the Selected list and choose only among them.

Do you know the font name in the list and want to jump to it? No need to try to make out font names trying to find the one you need, just print several letters of the font name and you will jump to it! The more fonts you have, the more time and effort you will save.

You can select the font for your current work making the font types being displayed as close to it as possible. Just select the size, style and color of the font you need.

It is really convenient to see the text you need, for example, the header of a site or the text of a logo written with all font types instead of the standard text “ABC 123”.

Now you can have a better idea about the possibilities of your font collection. View fonts in several sizes at once, and get a better idea what font and what size to use. It will allow you to avoid deleting “ugly” fonts that show all their beauty only in large sizes.

Fonts containing images are no longer a mystery for you. You can view any character in a font in the full-screen mode.

You can find out what fonts contain the Unicode subrange you need.

You can take a close look at all characters in a font without looking at empty items.

You can select any character and insert it in your document.

Who designed the font, which version is it, what is the URL of the author's site, how is the font distributed? You can learn this and a lot of other useful information about each font

Any folder with fonts that are not installed is no longer covered with a veil of mystery. You can view any fonts that are not installed.

While viewing fonts that are not installed, you can install or uninstall any of them.

Printed font samples can differ from what they look on the screen like, which will help you select fonts for printed matter. You can also carry these printouts with you without a computer and look through them anywhere you like, for example, when you are meeting a client.

Print out samples of fonts that are not installed and always know what fonts you have in store.

You can send a document with samples of fonts that are both installed and not installed by e-mail or upload it to your site. Any person will see it on his or her computer the way you see it on your computer, even if the person has only fonts that come together with the operating system.

Free your computer from fonts that you do not use, uninstall them.

You can uninstall fonts without having to worry that you may uninstall some fonts that come together with Windows. The program will not allow you to uninstall them.

You can uninstall all fonts that do not come together with Windows in one click!

You can back up the files of the selected fonts or send them by e-mail.

Font Manager - DownloadFont Manager - Buy Now!

Purchasing - Your Safety and Benefit


Font Manager – Main Features

Viewing all installed fonts at once.

Creating the list of favorite fonts.

Jumping to the specified font.

Changing the type, size and color of a font.

Modifying the sample text.

Viewing several sizes of a font at once.

The table of characters will show you any character in the full-screen mode.

Displaying any Unicode range in the table of characters.

Displaying all characters in a font.

Copying a character.

Viewing information about a font.

Viewing fonts that are not installed.

Installing fonts. 

Printing font samples.

Printing samples of fonts that are not installed.

Uninstalling fonts.

Protecting Windows system fonts.

Uninstalling all fonts that are not distributed with Windows. 

Sending a group of fonts via e-mail or copying them to any folder.

Font Manager - DownloadFont Manager - Buy Now!

Purchasing - Your Safety and Benefit


I Need More Features

 If you need more features, use Advanced Font Viewer. It has all the above features and also:

  • has the Doctor tab that will detect and fix any discrepancy between files in the Windows folder with system fonts and entries in the registry;

  • can detect font duplicates, including in the fully automatic mode;

  • has a unique automatic font organizer - the first one on the market of font management software.


How the Program Appeared

The program is based on the source code of Advanced Font Viewer 3.5, which has been tested and developed for years. Extended features and the price of $39 made AFV unavailable for some users that do not have much money for buying software. Besides, the program became less attractive for people who do not work with fonts often and thoroughly. So, the price of the program was reduced by 35% with all main features necessary for everyday activities left in the program. Font Manager costs only $25!


Update Policy and Upgrading Font Manager to Advanced Font Viewer

 Only critical fixes will be made in the program. If you want to have a program that is being dynamically developed, buy Advanced Font Viewer. If you have already purchased Font Manager and would like to get a license for Advanced Font Viewer, you will have to buy the second license for Font Manager and send us a notification about it to "support (A)". The cost of two licenses for Font Manager is equal to the cost of one license for Advanced Font Viewer. Thus, if you first buy Font Manager, you will not lose anything if you upgrade to the advanced version.



These screenshots demonstrate Font Manager features.


Main Window.

Font Manager screenshot - Main window


Selected Font List.

Font Manager screenshot - Selected Font List


Zoom tab.

Font Manager screenshot - Zoom tab


Character Map tab.

Font Manager screenshot - Character Map tab


Info tab.

Font Manager screenshot - Info tab


Browser tab - Multiple.

Font Manager screenshot - Browser tab - Multiple


Browser tab - One by One.

Font Manager screenshot - Browser tab - One by One


Main window - Fast Font Search.

Font Manager screenshot - Main window - Fast Font Search


Windows System Fonts Protector.

Font Manager screenshot - Windows System Fonts Protector


Font Samples Print Generator.

Font Manager screenshot - Font Samples Print Generator


Options - Tabs Manager.

Font Manager screenshot - Options - Tabs Manager


Options - Sample Text Manager.

Font Manager screenshot - Options - Sample Text Manager


Options - Sample Text Align.

Font Manager screenshot - Options - Sample Text Align


Options - Sample Text Color.

Font Manager screenshot - Options - Sample Text Color


Options - Uninstall.

Font Manager screenshot - Options - Uninstall


Options - Misc.

Font Manager screenshot - Options - Misc

Font Manager - DownloadFont Manager - Buy Now!

Purchasing - Your Safety and Benefit


Users’ Comments

The constantly coming favorable reports from our users confirm that this program is a wonderful tool to increase the efficiency of creative work.


Chuck Hagaman

Tennessee, USA

Registered user


"I chose the registered Font Manager because I'm a long-time user of Free and Easy Font Viewer and found it amazing that a program of that quality was free. Looked at a couple of other products, but I really liked the layout and features of the registered version and had confidence that it was a stable program that should function exactly as advertised, if not even better.

Used Free and easy Font Viewer for quite a while and it's features are great. However, I wanted to print a "master list" showing all the fonts as they print so I could just flip through rather than scrolling up and down to decide on a font. Additionally, I really like your use of the "Quick brown fox" to demonstrate the fonts (I wonder in this day and age how many understand that the sentence contains all the letters--my son, 15, didn't know--well done!).

Found Free and Easy Font Viewer initially by a web search when I needed to view just a few fonts and thought it was the best of the programs I found (don't even remember the names of any of the others. Got tired of going back and fourth in FandEFV to see what all the characters looked like and it occurred to me to check on the registered version. Looked at a few other programs, but really there was no contest. A very fine product!

And, for the record, no worries. I have happily recommended the FandEFV to others and will continue to do so for the registered version. And if they check it out and find they are interested, they need to pay the author and not steal the program (which is, after all, what it comes down to, though you were much more tactful in the way you put it in your email containing the key;-)"




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