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Before you remove the program, could you please give some feedback on the reasons that influenced your decision.

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If "I uninstalled your program because it would not run. When I would click on the desktop icon I would get a long error about not being able to find an entrypoint in some library." then please download v2.51

Be attentive! The you can:

- Simultaneously preview lots of installed/unistalled fonts;

- See and print patterns of fonts, which are located in different directories, CDs and DVDs, but which are not yet installed;

- Install new fonts;

- Uninstall unnecessary fonts;

- Print font patterns out;

- Get supplementary information about fonts;

- Copy fonts selected in any list of the program to any folder or to send them by e-mail;

- Uninstall all fonts not supplied with Windows by one click; - and more...

If you have not found the feature necessary to you please write to us, it is possible this feature it is already created or it will be added in the next versions.

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