Advanced Font Viewer Online Help

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Installed Tab


Installed tab is a list of all installed fonts.


All fonts installed on your computer are available for simultaneous viewing, with an example text written in each font. This feature allows you to quickly find the best font, as well as to deinstall an unnecessary one.

It is possible to change such settings as font style, font size, font color, and example text. 

Now there are features such as Quick font Search and List Export to HTML for printing.


The font is chosen by clicking left mouse button. Right button invokes menu.

The chosen font can be either added to the Selected list, or deinstalled. You can also obtain additional information about a font in help tabs.

Information about quantity of the installed fonts, current size, and the name of the selected font is displayed under the list.

To find a font on the list, enter first letters of its name. The Quick Search window will appear displaying the entered text, and the font with the most corresponding name will be selected. To hide the Quick Search window, press either Esc button, Enter button, or click left mouse button anywhere outside the search window.

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