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Character Map Tab


The Character map displays all font characters.


Any character you select can be displayed in full-screen mode or copied to the Windows clipboard. In addition, you can get its keystroke code (for ASCII only). Some settings (such as table color and font style) are changeable. All symbols can be numbered either in decimal notation or in hexadecimal notation.


Character map displays the font you selected either in the «Installed» list, or in the «Selected» list. The «Next font» and «Previous font» commands are intended for switching to other listed fonts without closing Character map.


Selection of a displayed Unicode range is accomplished in the dropdown list. This list consists of three parts:

1.    ASCII range and a set of all the characters supported by this font.

2.    Unicode ranges supported by this font.

3.    All Unicode ranges.


For example, in the dropdown list, you can select the «All Nonempty Characters» section, and then explore your fonts and all their contents with the help of the «Next font» and «Previous font» buttons. Otherwise, you can select a certain Unicode range.


You can also select a font you are interested in, and then get information about what ranges it supports.


A character can be selected by left-clicking on it. You can deselect a character by right-clicking on any part of the table.

A selected character can be enlarged, and it also can be copied to Windows clipboard for future pasting into a document. Below the table, you can see the character’s keystroke code (for ASCII only), or its decimal code and/or hexadecimal code. Use the arrow keys for moving the cursor in the table.

If you enable numeration, each character would have an index, which would correspond to its code in decimal (or hexadecimal) notation. The assigned indexes are displayed in the upper-left corner of the character cell. By default, indexation is disabled in order to make the table more readable.



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