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Duplicates Detector Tab


The Duplicates Detector Tab will automatically detects and displays a list of duplicates in your font collection allowing you the opportunity to delete the duplicates at the time.


Duplicate fonts may also be deleted automatically.


Before starting the process of removing duplicates from your font collection, you are recommended to make back up copies of each file. Open the folder containing the collection. Click the Start detection button. The analysis of fonts in the folder you specify and in all its subfolders will result in displaying a treelike list of duplicates. Each node is called by the full name of a particular font and includes the list of all files with each font. The information about the font size and version is available. Also, the file checksum (CRC32) and the path to the file are displayed.

The complete correspondence of CRC32 values allows you to see the exact copies of font files. All such duplicates can be removed in the automatic mode.

The information about the version and size of the font file will help you to decide whether or not to remove any of the font duplicates. To get additional information about a font, double-click it.

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