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Printing a list of installed fonts is an excellent way to visually compare their various features.


Designers may use this feature for giving variants of the typefaces to a customer for final affirmation. The owners of large font collections may print out the type specimens of all their installed fonts to later choose which fonts, if any, that they would like to uninstall. At the same time, one will be able to have all samples of his or her font collection.


For printing, a font list in HTML format is created. The list is opened for viewing, editing and printing by external programs. It is possible to export all installed fonts or a group of fonts through the Selected list. While displaying the list, only the installed fonts are being used, that is why it should be printed out before uninstalling fonts. Also, fonts may be displayed incorrectly on another computer.

During the list generation, current font size, color spectrum, and horizontal aligning are taken into account.



Uninstalled - Installed - Selected


Starting from version 2.7, Advanced Font Viewer allows you to print out samples of uninstalled fonts. This document prepared for printing can be sent via e-mail and viewed on any other computer no matter if these fonts are installed on it. You can hand the document over to your colleagues or customers using a disk, a flash drive, or any other way you find convenient.


How to create this list of fonts for printing? Select the folder with fonts on the Browser tab and click the toolbar button labeled “BMP” above the printer. You will see a dialog box where you can edit the parameters of the document being prepared for printing. For example, you can specify the folder to save the created document to, specify the color and size of font samples. Click the Generate button and the program will create a BMP image for each font and embed these images into an HTML table. This table can be opened and printed in any web browser.


So, now you can:

- Print out samples from your font collection without installing these fonts.

- Send your colleague or your customer variants how any text will look like and get their opinion. For example, it can be the logo of your customer's company. The most important thing is that the recipient of the document may have only the basic set of fonts supplied with the operating system on his computer and still have no difficulties with viewing the document! 

- View the samples of uninstalled fonts quickly because the samples are already generated. For example, create such a document for your entire collection and view it in your browser.


  • Can I print out the list of font samples stored on a CD or DVD?

    Yes, you can. Fonts can be located on any media, including a removable disk.


  • Does the document being printed consist of one file?

    No, it is not. A BMP image is created for each font and all these images are embedded into a HTML table so they can be opened, viewed and printed simultaneously.


  • How can I edit this document?

    Use any HTML editor to edit the table. If you want to change font samples, start Advanced Font Viewer again and create a new document with the necessary parameters.


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