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Product History


  • Version 2.2

    Windows system fonts protector is added.

    The program will not allow you to uninstall fonts installed by Windows.


  • Version 2.1

    The maximize window at start up of the program - now optional.

    Frame divider between FONT and TEXT on the Installed Font List tab and Selected Font List tab now remembers a size set by the user.

    Have been eliminated Character Map flickers.

    The Character Map also supports manipulation by arrow keys.

    Font size of the FONT column is a fixed as 12 bold.


  • Version 2.0

    A new, XP-looking, stylish interface design.

    New help file.

    More user-friendly system of the Program Registration.

    Advanced Fonts Viewer renamed Advanced Font Viewer.

    Over 50 other changes and improvements.


  • Version 1.9

    Font deinstallation.

    Tab management.


  • Version 1.8

    Quick Search for font name, editor of example text are added.


  • Version 1.7

    Font Browser is added.

    The preliminary viewing of single uninstalled fonts is accessible.

    Also you can install hundreds fonts by just one click.

    Character Map, and font info viewer were improved.


  • Version 1.6

    Selected font list is added.

    It is a convenient way of printing several type specimens.

    Also, it has become easier to make a final choice using Selected font list than choosing among hundreds fonts.


  • Version 1.5

    The Zoom tab is added.

    You can view font in various sizes simultaneously.


  • Version 1.4

    Font info viewer is added.

    You can find out date of font creation, version number, and other accessible information.


  • Version 1.3

    Character Map is added.

    Any symbol can be viewed in a full-screen mode.


  • Version 1.2

    Font list export from screen to HTML file feature is added.

    File can be brought into Word and edited very easily.

    Also, you can view or print the file out.


  • Version 1.1

    Choice of color for font and background.

    Moving icon to system tray when minimized (optional).


  • Version 1.0

    Browse through and preview any installed fonts.

    Fast choice of necessary font size and style (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout).

    Very simple and intuitive interface.

    Installer/Uninstaller program shell is added.

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