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Character Map Tab


Character Map displays font's characters, which are relevant to the codes from 32 to 255. The codes from 0 to 31 are subservient and unprintable.


The whole range of the characters is available for simultaneous viewing, with index assigning feature. The color of the table and the style of the font can be changed.

Each character can be viewed in Full Screen mode and copied to Windows Clipboard. It is also possible to determine its keystroke code.


Character Map displays the font previously chosen either in Installed list or Selected list. Commands Next font, Previous font are designed for switching from one font of the list to another, without quitting Character Map.

To select a character, click left mouse button at character’s image.

The chosen character enlarges, and you can copy it to the Windows Clipboard for future pasting to the document you edit. Under the table, the keystroke code can be seen.

Index of each character corresponds with its code (either in decimal numeration or hexadecimal numeration), or a character, which can be entered with the keyboard. This feature is very handy for the fonts containing different images such as Webdings. The index assigned is displayed in the character cell in the left upper corner. To improve readability, the indexation is switched off by default.

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