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Printing is a way to get a hard copy of the fonts samples.


The designers may use this feature for giving variants of the typefaces to a customer for final affirmation. The owners of large collections of the fonts may print out the type specimens of all fonts they have, and deinstall those, which are used rarely. At the same time, one will be able to have all samples of his or her font collection.


For printing, a font list in HTML format is created. The list is opened for viewing, editing and printing by external programs. It is possible to export all installed fonts or a group of fonts through the Selected list. While displaying the list, only the installed fonts are being used, that is why it should be printed out before deinstallation of fonts. Also, on somebody else’s computer it may be displayed incorrectly.

During the list generation, current font size, color spectrum, and horizontal aligning are taken into account.

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