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Advanced Font Viewer


Advanced Font Viewer is a comprehensive application, which is ideal for viewing, printing and managing your fonts.  A full-featured font viewer quickly generates a high-quality display of your fonts.


With AFV you will be able:


The simple user interface is designed to guarantee quick access to the tools. There are many customization features as well. Many options can be customized to suit your preferences. AFV continues to be fast and easy-to-use font viewer software that everyone, no matter a novice or a professional, can use and enjoy.

Free lifetime upgrades.


Fast Photo Renamer


Easy way to preview and renaming the photo files.


No more ugly photo names!

Free lifetime upgrades.


Antispam Scanner


Anti-spam Scanner screenshot

New anti-spam solution, 99.9% accuracy!


Do you use antispam solution but still receive tons of unsolicited e-mails that hurt your business?  Try Antispam Scanner, new e-mail client independent solution that uses a unique algorithm that lets you connect to your mailbox, purge it free from spam and then download only valid messages. You don’t risk losing any “borderline” messages, because they are not deleted, but stored in the “yellow zone”, before you look at them. 99.9% accuracy!

Free lifetime upgrades.


Free&Easy Font Viewer



Comfortable and free way to preview the fonts installed on your system.

This is lite version of AFV.






15 April 2005


Fast Photo Renamer 1.0 is released.

29 March 2005


Free Antispam Scanner 1.1 is released.

15 March 2005


Antispam Scanner 1.2 is released.

3 March 2005


Free Antispam Scanner 1.0 is released.

14 February 2005


Antispam Scanner 1.1 is released.

25 January 2005


Advanced Font Viewer 2.4 is released.

Duplicates detector is added.

You can easily delete all fonts duplicates from yours fonts collection.

20 November 2004


The FAQ section for Keylogger Hunter is added.

19 October 2004


Antispam Scanner 1.0 is released.

Pre-emptive anti-spam solutions for individuals and businesses. 99.9% accuracy!

20 August 2004


Free&Easy Font Viewer 1.2 is released.

30 June 2004


The freshest and most complete fonts collections list is created.

26 June 2004


Styopkin software forum is started.

12 June 2004


Affiliate Program is started.

5 June 2004


Advanced Font Viewer 2.3 is released.

Uninstalled font browser displaying many fonts simultaneously is added.

The sophisticated users can disable AFV's Windows system fonts protector.

30 May 2004


AFV's Online Help is added.

29 March 2004


Advanced Font Viewer 2.2 is released.

Windows system fonts protector is added.

The AFV will not allow you to uninstall fonts installed by Windows.

19 March 2004


Keylogger Hunter project was revived!

Keylogger Hunter 2.0 is a universal anti-keylogger.

29 January 2004



Advanced Font Viewer 2.1 is released.

The maximize window at start up of the program - now optional.

Frame divider between FONT and TEXT on the Installed Font List tab and Selected Font List tab now remembers a size set by the user.

Have been eliminated Character Map flickers.

The Character Map also supports manipulation by arrow keys.

Font size of the FONT column is fixed as 12 bold.

27 January 2004



Advanced Font Viewer 2.0 is released.

A new, XP-looking, stylish interface design.

New help file.

More user-friendly system of the Program Registration.

Advanced Fonts Viewer renamed Advanced Font Viewer.

Over 50 other changes and improvements.

A special thank to Jan Louw for his valuable councils and testing.

30 November 2003


Dear users, partners of our company and all our site guests!

Styopkin software congratulates you with the coming New Year and sincerely wishes you success, prosperity and good luck in 2004!

Advanced Font Viewer 2.0 - coming soon. Screenshot.

All registered users will receive new registration keys by email.

Also all wishing will receive news about the new AFV versions if will subscribe.

15 October 2003


Advanced Font Viewer has been chosen for a Review on the SharewareJunkies.com

17 September 2003


Advanced Font Viewer version 1.9

Fonts uninstalling, tab management are added.

You can uninstall ugly and seldom used fonts. Font files are copied to the Deinstalled Fonts Folder. This allows restoring of the deleted fonts in case of need.

2 August 2003


AFV version 1.8

Quick Search for font name, editor of example text are added.

14 June 2003



Advanced Font Viewer version 1.7

Font browser (installer) is added.

The preliminary viewing of single uninstalled fonts is accessible.

Also you can install hundreds fonts by just one click.

Character Map, and font info viewer were improved.

20 April 2003


Advanced Font Viewer version 1.6

Selected font list is added.

It is a convenient way of printing several type specimens.

Also, it has become easier to make a final choice using Selected font list than choosing among hundreds fonts.

1 December 2002


AFV version 1.5

The Zoom tab is added.

You can view font in various sizes simultaneously.

23 November 2002


Started AdvancedFontViewer news group.

The members of group receive the notices on new versions of the program.

8 November 2002



AFV version 1.4

Font info viewer is added.

You can find out date of font creation, version and other accessible information.

21 July 2002


AFV version 1.3

Character Map is added.

Any symbol can be viewed in a full-screen mode.

21  April 2002



AFV version 1.2

Font list export from screen to HTML file feature is added.

File can be brought into Word and edited very easily.

Also, you can view or print the file out.

2 March 2002


AFV version 1.1 

Small improvements.

1 January 2002



AFV version 1.0 

10 December 2001



First version of Free&Easy Font Viewer has been released.




Dmitry V. Konovalov

Ivan A. Grigor'ev

Alexander V. Zhuravlyov

and all people who contributed to the quality of software





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