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Products > Keylogger Hunter 3.0


Universal anti-keylogger for MS Vista and XP.

Neutralizes 66%* of keyloggers, depriving them of information about the pressed keys.

Additional safety of your personal data only for $14.

Download Keylogger HunterBuy Now Keylogger Hunter

Your Safety and Benefit

Any important information is primarily entered to the computer with the help of the keyboard. 

Everyone who uses computers, constantly types various texts, which often contain private and/or confidential information. This could be data, concerning your business, information about your private life, or different keywords.


Other people can get an access to the texts you type!

There always are people who eager to know about you and your business more than they are supposed to. Such people invented and developed a number of special programs known as “keyloggers.” A person, which uses keyloggers, can be absolutely anyone – from excessively curious relatives and colleagues, to industrial espionage and malefactors, who need to get some peculiar information about you or your passwords.

The main purpose of the keyloggers is to memorize desired information and to inform the “interested party” about each symbol you enter while typing. There is a multitude of sorts of such programs. They can be either wittingly installed by a person, which has an access to your computer, or be a component part of a virus or any other program.


Two basic anti-keyloggers methods are vulnerable.

Most of people use two basic anti-keyloggers methods:

  • Use of antivirus packages;

  • Installation of firewalls.

Both these methods are quite effective and should be used by every user. However, they still remain imperfect. For instance, antiviruses often either ignore keyloggers, or do not have information about one or another particular copy of keylogger in the database. Firewall can temporarily disable or provide an access to a network for a keylogger by mistake. A violator can also obtain desired information without using the network, with the help of portable devices, if used by, say, your colleague.


Added Security.

In all program keyloggers, the number of methods for getting information about keys you press is limited. There are two basic principles of keyloggers:

  • Hook based keyloggers;

  • Kernel based keyloggers.

Hook based keylogger is the most prevailing type of keyloggers, since this method is very easy-to-realize. By the program’s request, Windows informs it about every key you press.

Kernel-based keyloggers work with the help of user-written keyboard drivers. This method is applied extremely rarely, since it requires high level of proficiency from the developer of the keylogger.

In terms of these keyloggers’ vulnerabilities, the second version of the Keylogger Hunter was created, which paralyzes accumulation of information by Hook-based keyloggers. This program is neither a detector, nor a disabler of keyloggers; it paralyzes the principle of keylogger functioning, based on Hooks. That is to say, the program (working in real-time mode) deletes Windows’ information about pressed keys, which can be captured by Hook-based keyloggers. The result of such process is an empty file of the keylogger, which by no means can contain data about pressed keys.

Use of Keylogger Hunter allows you to be less dependent on freshness and completeness of the antivirus database, which can possibly contain no information about a rare version of a keylogger.

Thus, you have an opportunity to install on your computer and use a special program, which would play a role of a “second echelon” for your data security. 



  • Keylogger Hunter is only for Windows Vista, XP!

  • Kernel-based keyloggers are not blocked by Keylogger Hunter 3.0, only Hook based keyloggers are blocked (i.e. 66% of keyloggers are blocked)



  • I downloaded and installed the trial version and it placed an icon on the desktop. When I click it, nothing happens, nothing opens. Is this correct?

    Yes. You are supposed to see only the program icon in the system tray.


  • What happens if/when it detects keylogging?

    The program does not search your computer for keyloggers, but blocks the method they use for spying.


  • How can I be sure it's running correctly? Is there any way to test it, so I know that it's working and will detect/block keylogging?

    Install any hook-based keylogger. Use your keyboard to type any text while Keylogger Hunter is running. See the keylogger file – it must not contain the text you have typed. Disable Keylogger Hunter and type any text again – it will appear in the keylogger file.


  • Does your program (Keylogger Hunter) provide a notification/indication when it detects/blocks a keylogger? So that it can be searched for and removed.

    No. The program works invisibly and does not display any results of its activity – it is an auxiliary security tool. Use other programs to find and remove spyware.


  • I thought I downloaded a free trial but a window keeps popping up and asking for a registration key. Is there no such thing as a free trial?

    It is the unlimited free trial version. You can try the program with various keyloggers for an unlimited period of time, but due to the nag window you will have to buy the program if you decide to continue using it.


Download Keylogger HunterBuy Now Keylogger Hunter

Your Safety and Benefit



Users’ Comments

Jean Hawkins

Registered user


"Tested and it worked. Stealth, simplicity, lack of CPU & memory usage."


Eddie Kwong

Registered user


"I like the fact that it prevents Keylogging, as opposed to just detect it.

But, at first, was I wary because, like many people...I didn't know if there was a way to really know if it was working.

Then, I went to and found that they had several free keylogging programs. I downloaded Actual Keylogger and used it to validate your program's effectiveness."


Stephen Smiley

Registered user


"I downloaded "Keylogger Killer" and another program by the name of "Personal Antispy". These two programs did identify a hook type .dll file running on my machine but did not automatically defeat it.

I payed for your program because of the fact that it loads on startup and actively defeats hook type keyloggers with no interaction from me. I tested the program with several different widely available keyloggers, at least five or six, and none of them logged any key activity whatsoever.

I recently had a few of my passwords stolen and needed some additional security. Your program has done a great job so far. I will continue to use your program because as far as hook type loggers, it has proven to be very reliable."


Andie Wilkes

Registered user


"I registered this version because it seems to be the only keylogger detector that starts automatically with your PC and runs silently in the background.

My interest in keylogger detection is because I am a volunteer moderator on a teenage chatsite called

It is a graphics-based environment where people can create their own rooms and buy furniture/wallpaper etc.

Many unfortunate users are losing their accounts due to keylogging, some of these people have literally spent hundreds of pounds and are therefore very upset at losing everything.

I spearhead a team called the "Tech Team" and our mission is to try to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

I believe the keylogger that is being used is available from and is called SC-Keylog."




* - 100% of hook based keyloggers are blocked, i.e. 66% of all keyloggers are blocked. The statistical information on types of keyloggers is received from Kaspersky Lab.



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