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28 December 2006

File Structure Grabber 1.3 is released.

A new file structure export feature has been added to File Structure Grabber.
This allows you to export to TXT file which can be brought into Word or Notepad and edited very easily. Also, you can view or print the file out.

27 December 2006

File Structure Grabber 1.2 is released.

A new search feature has been added to the File Structure Grabber.

25 December 2006

File Structure Grabber 1.1 is released.

The grabbing speed is a faster now.
The size of file structure is reduced.

17 December 2006

Smart Mail Checker 1.0 is released.

Smart Mail Checker will notify you about a new incoming important message.

12 December 2006

New press-release is published.

New Advanced Font Viewer press-release - First Automatic Font Organizer.

11 December 2006

Start Menu Tuner 1.4 is released.

The Subcategory list now support multiple selection. You can drag&drop several selected items to the Category list. The program interface has been improved.

10 December 2006

Perfect Screen Ruler 1.4 is released.

The program interface has been improved.

9 December 2006

Free Font Renamer 1.2 is released.

Now you can rename the Open Type Fonts format.

3 December 2006

File Structure Grabber 1.0 is released.

This software will create a copy of the file structure of a computer and allow you to access it on any other computer without a network connection.

24 November 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 3.4 is released.

Now you can automatically sort your font collection!
Specify the sorting criteria and wait until it is complete. This unique feature is available only for users of Advanced Font Viewer.

29 October 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 3.3 is released.

The automatic mode of removing all font duplicates has been added.
All font duplicate files are removed, only one file with the largest size is left.

21 October 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 3.2 is released.

Now you can use the Open Type Fonts format.
The names of these files usually have the .OTF extension.

15 October 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 3.1 is released.

Fixed several program freezes.

14 October 2006

Fast Photo Renamer 2.0 is released.

Small improvements.

9 October 2006

Start Menu Tuner 1.3 is released.


30 September 2006

Fast Photo Renamer 1.9 is released.

Now you can use WMF format.

21 September 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 3.0 is released.

The Doctor that will detect and solve problems with fonts on your computer has been added.

6 September 2006

Fast Photo Renamer 1.8 is released.

The Undo feature has been added.
Now it is no problem to get back the names of photos renamed by mistake. The feature can be used in both modes batch and individual.

3 September 2006

Antispam Scanner 1.3 is released.

It is now easier to add a new entry to Fierylist.
Right-click the message data from which you want to add to Fierylist and select "Add to Fierylist - Subject" or "Add to Fierylist - Sender" from the context menu.

28 August 2006

Start Menu Tuner 1.2 is released.

The Empty Shortcuts Remover tab has been added.
You can quickly remove all shortcuts to files that do not exist and to empty folders from the Start -> All programs menu.

21 June 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 2.9 is released.

It is possible to copy fonts selected in any list of the program to any folder or to send them by e-mail.

12 June 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 2.8 is released.

The Installed and Selected lists now support multiple selection. You can uninstall or simultaneously add/remove several selected fonts in the Selected list. Use mouse clicks and the Shift and Control keys to select fonts.
You can quickly and safely remove unnecessary fonts from your computer using the new feature - Uninstall All Fonts Not Supplied with Windows. This feature is available in the Special submenu of the context menu in the list of all installed fonts.

9 June 2006

Fast Photo Renamer 1.7 is released.

It is now possible to use text used as a prefix in the name of new files as suffix.
For example, you could create only such names as NewName-001, but now the variant 001-NewName is also available.

8 June 2006

Month Limit 1.1 is released.

 The real type of the data is supported.

8 June 2006

Delayed Shutdown 1.1 is released.

The interface and features of the program have been improved.

27 May 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 2.7 is released.

Printing of uninstalled fonts is added.
This document prepared for printing can be sent via e-mail and viewed on any other computer no matter if these fonts are installed on it. You can hand the document over to your colleagues or customers using a disk, a flash drive, or any other way you find convenient.

5 April 2006

Start Menu Tuner 1.1 is released.

Small changes and improvements.

31 March 2006

Month Limit 1.0 is released.

This program will help those people who stick to monthly plans.

24 March 2006

Fast Photo Renamer 1.6 is released.

Now you are not limited to the JPG format.
You can view and rename files of the following formats: BMP, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA.

12 March 2006

Start Menu Tuner 1.0 is released.

Have All Programs In Your Start Menu Become Enormously Numerous? The program Start Menu Tuner will easily solve your problem.

4 March 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 2.61 is released.

Special thanks for proofreading of AFV's documentation to John Lusting.

2 March 2006

New press-release is published.

Advanced Font Viewer a lever that strengthens your creative effort.

22 February 2006

Caps Lock On 1.0 is released. Freeware.

Caps Lock will automatically turn on after computer reload.

17 February 2006

Advanced Font Viewer 2.6 is released.

Characters Map now supports all Unicode ranges.
The annoying yellow tool tip in the main font list was deleted. The tip appeared each time when there was no enough space for text in the table cell.
Program startup is much faster.
Many other minor improvements and over patching added.
Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista  (Windows 95/98/Me: Unsupported !)

9 February 2006

New press-release is published.

Keylogger Hunter - a third frontier of your security.

17 January 2006

Keylogger Hunter 2.1 is released.

Small improvements.

16 January 2006

Free Font Renamer 1.1 is released.

Progress bar is added.

14 January 2006

Rosary Screen Saver 1.10 is released.

Many small improvements.

5 January 2006

Screensaver Launcher 1.0 is released.

Allows you to activate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray. Only $9.45

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